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Connect with a Cause

Telecommunications for a Better World

The “Connect with a Cause” mission was inspired by our passion for giving back to the communities we work in. We strive to connect with various Non-profit organizations and assist them in saving money on all voice and Internet services while giving back.

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Giving Back

Since the inception of our organization, our mission has been to go well beyond cutting the cost of phone bills and internet subscriptions; we also seek to make a difference that will enable Non-Profit organizations to fulfill the purpose which they originally established to achieve. The Bandwidth Bidder “Connect with a Cause” is committed to proudly supporting charities, nonprofit organizations, and foundations that have set out to make a difference. We are committed to giving back $1M! Yes, 1 Million Dollars in rebate donations.

Through relationships within our network of Phone Companies and Internet Service Providers, we have developed a way for us to give back to your program’s cause. Our “Connect with a Cause” program is incredibly simple to leverage for your nonprofit organization.


How does it Work?

Here is an example of how it works – If your nonprofit organization spends $1000 per month x 12 months = $12,000 Annual voice or data expenses. Then our donation would be $600 to your charity or organization. It is that simple!

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We know all non-profit organizations look for areas to decrease cost and ways to increase donations, we can offer both!

We simply donate 5% of ANY Voice or Data Services subscribed through our participating network of carriers. All services continue to be billed and serviced directly by the carriers you elect and not 3rd party billed or delivered by a reseller.

There is NO Minimum Monthly dollar usage required, and there is NO Maximum CAP to our donations. No matter what you are spending, we are committed to donating 5% of the total back to your cause.

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Ready to start your telecom audit?

Our telecom services practice starts with an audit of all carrier services. Once we have a summarized telecom inventory report we can identify any network surplus or deficiencies.

A good diagram of your network and this inventory report identifies providers, circuit IDs, phone numbers and is instrumental with cost negotiations and troubleshooting technology outages.

This practice has proven time and time again to be an excellent tool for finding monthly savings for our client’s operational budget.

Telecom Services Selection and Pricing

Putting the inventory of services out to bid can be a simple but diligent process.  Pricing and telecom services selection is based on real-time data provided by all carriers.  Our database of telecom serviceability allows our team of telecom services professionals to quickly respond to your project inquiries and initiatives.

Ordering Telecom Services & Project Management

Negotiating contract terms, price, and legalities of the commitment between the telecommunications provider and our client are the core purpose of our business.  Once the contract is executed, it is assigned to an internal order coordinator to ensure the progression of the order, coordinate installation, and follow up with the customer on completion of the order for any billing questions.

Product Support

After the telecom services have been accepted, we are always available to provide customer support. Our team has the necessary resources for submitting trouble tickets on any service or billing-related issue.  Our goal is to ensure the expectations we set are met from start to finish.

ISP – Serviceability identification for broadband, Cable, Wireless, 5G, and Fiber

DR – Fail-Over options, Center, Colo, Cloud, SD-WAN

DX – Digital Transformation Road-mapping- click here for the process

IoT – Connectivity, analyzing, integrating, active engagement, and more

VoIP and Phone Systems – Use our resources and let us save you time.

UCasS – Offload your contact center and gain a scalable, pay-as-you-go solution for inbound, outbound, blended, multichannel, and more

Mobility – Portal Access to all national mobility Companies.  Staging and policy consulting for large rollouts

TEM – Telecom Expense Management, cost analysis, and audits

Renewals – Save your customers money while using loyalty as your leverage

Bill Consolidation – Multi-Site and Multiple Provider Solutions and Custom bill consolidations for detailed reports and carrier management portal access

Best Pricing – Low price guaranteed, promotions, and hidden discount research

Additional discounts you may be entitled to:




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Need a Volunteer? Ask how we can do more:

Giving Time 

We want to get outside and volunteer.  Let us know if you have needed a cause-driven volunteer.  We are always looking for an excellent way to support something meaningful and have a big impact on your community.  We welcome our partners to share a philanthropic project that is close to your organization’s heart so we can get involved.

Giving back to the planet

Green thinking is a key part of your company’s culture.  Let us collaborate to gather ideas for how to go green and be more environmentally conscious.  Getting input from customers or our partners allows us to embrace green-thinking goals.

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